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05 April 2011 @ 06:35 pm
Hakuouki: Yuugiroku -Saitou's route  

LJ is so buggy these days that it's not even funny. (I can't even edit entries, post comments properly, tag properly, or even, GET INTO THE SITE LOL.) Since it's working well for me in these few minutes, I figured I post this first.

Saitou ~~

Chizuru decides to ask Saitou about what are they planning. Saitou says he knows nothing about it and continues polishing his sword... until Chizuru says Hijikata is worried about what they are planning.

Saitou: "Oh, I see. I really know nothing about it." <- something along this line.
.... started polishes his hand instead of his sword.
Chizuru: "..........." (He's a bad liar...)


Chizuru wakes up and finds Saitou outside. She asks if Saitou knows what's going on around here, and Saitou's says,

"Everything is completely fine. Look at the tree there, it's blooming as usual."
Chizuru: "Err... the leaves had all fallen off."
Saitou: "Oh, it Autumn must had come early."
Chizuru: "How can autumn come so early?" (when it's obviously Spring now.)

Saitou: ".... listen to the insect chirp!"
*sounds of something exploding*
Chizuru: "I... don't think there's a insect that makes those type of sound."
Saitou: "There might be, the world is very big."

So yup, all in all, Saitou's just running from reality, trying to tell himself everything's fine, everything's good, everything's still the same. XD Which Chizuru goes "-.-;;" LOL. There. they receive a letter:

"Bring the girl from the Yukimura clan to me, you futile dog, a being lower than a insect. Go through the doors and you will find me. Signed, Hijikata."

Saitou: *.* OMGEE SQUEEEE LOVE LETTER FROM HIJIKATA!!! "It's a letter from Hijikata! Come on, let's do what the letter says."

.... Saitou, THAT'S OBVIOUSLY C-H-I-K-A-G-E. Even Chizuru points out that there's Kazama's name (which is crossed out) next to Hijikata's name. XDDDD (Something like -> KazamaHijikata) XDDDD Chizuru says IT MUST BE FROM CHIKAGE, but Saitou says that Hijikata must be tired, so it must be a mistake. XDD

They saw a metal door, which Chizuru comments that they shoudn't go through since it's not there in the first place, but Saitou says it must be Hijikata who renovated it that way... Gosh, Saitou... *facepalms*


They find Heisuke in there, and Heisuke asks them to help him with collecting the ingredients for Dinner from that tree. Well... there are peaches, apples, chestnuts & orange growing on it. Chizuru goes O____O and Saitou started thinking to himself:

"Wait, Peaches grow in cold season, Oranges grows in hot season...." SYSTEM CORRUPT CANNOT COMPREHEND and he fainted due to over thinking lol. -.- Then Heisuke gives Saitou some Ishida Sanyaku and Saitou goes REBORN! LOL. Heisuke makes a deal with Saitou that if Saitou helps him to collect the ingredients, he will buy dozens of Ishida Sanyaku for him, and Saitou agreed. After the collecting Chestnut mini-game, Heisuke runs away instead of fulfilling his promise, and Saitou just look like a lost puppy standing there lol. Saitou then saves Chizuru from some falling chestnuts and ended up fainting when he gets hit by a chestnut. XD

Chizuru gives him some Ishida Sanyaku and once again, Saitou goes REBORN! Chizuru comments that he's still bleeding but Saitou's says Ishida Sanyaku must be working it's miracle now. >_>

They go through another door, which leads them to the streets immediately. Chizuru goes O______O again while Saitou says ALL HAIL GREAT Hijikata he must had made that door for my convenience. Chizuru: .... -.-

They met Harada, and Harada wanted their help to catch some rounins. The mini-game is pretty stupid in my opinion. Anyway. They found out that they are missing one rounin and Saitou finds that rounin hiding by the wall like a ninja lol.

Harada thanks them, and comments that he never expects that Saitou would be the one to get Chizuru... XD Chizuru goes that's not what you think!! But Harada ignores and says he won't interrupt their date further. XD Saitou softly mumbers to himself,

"Do we look like we are dating? ... I actually kinda like that." <- something along this line. AWWW, Saitou. XD

They go through another door, and finds Flyers everywhere... flyers of Chikage annoucing his marriage with Chizuru. XDDD On the flyer, there's something along the lines of "Come and celebrate the glorius and joyeous moment of the Kazama family. We provide free dinner, and we give away LIMITED EDITION OF CHIKAGE'S PAINTING, AND! THE MAIN HIGHLIGHT: COOKIES WITH CHIKAGE'S FACE PRINTED ON IT!"


Spotlights on! Chikage appears in the middle of the stage. XD Chikage complains that the spotlight is at the wrong degree and Amagiri should continue spraying the flower petals or something.... XD (Chikage-sama <33) Oh wait, this is Saitou's route. Anyway, Saitou only then realise he's been tricked. (TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH. And Chizuru say "TOLD YA FROM THE BEGINNING.") Here you have to play a mini-game where Chizuru must cheer on Saitou so that Saitou would be able to endure Chikage's insults lol. After the game, Senhime appears, and we learn the truth as to why Senhime rejected the things Chikage offered in his route:

Turns out that, ALL THOSE LIMITED EDITON PAINTINGS, HANDKERCHEIFS WITH CHIKAGE'S FACE PRINTED ON IT WHATSOEVER is prepared by Senhime. XD Senhime demands that Chikage pay her now for all the preparation and printing money and Chikage goes HOLY SHI--- THE TOTAL AMOUNT IS SO !@#$%%&*&*(*&**)??? and declares that Chizuru would be his one day and runs away. XD Senhime chases after him and Chizuru together with Saitou leaves the room.

There, they meet a angry and frantic Hijikata chasing after Okita. XDD Saitou holds Chizuru's hand, and both of them helps Hijikata to hunt Okita down. Okita goes "OHOHOHO I THOUGHT SAITOU IS DENSE AND SLOW." *looks at Saitou who's holding hand with Chizuru.* "I never expect Saitou to be THAT quick." XD


Skip right to the ending, Chizuru follows Saitou onto patrolling, and both of them stops to look at the Sakura ~~ Saitou notices the petals in Chizuru's hair and takes it out for her...

... and he immediately goes O///O Sorry, I shoudn't had touch your hair like that.... >////< and both started walking back in a awkard silence lol.

Chizuru doesn't find it awkard though; she understands that that is just Saitou's way of caring and he's a very warm and nice person. ^^ She's glad that she got into that Chibified world, because she gets to see another side of Saitou. X)

Thoughts & Conclusion
To tell the truth, this feels more like Saitou's unrequited love for Hijikata route than Saitou x Chizuru route lol. Only the ending really gave me the otome game feeling. That aside, this route did gave me a couple of good laughs, like CHIKAGE BIAS/SHOT. 8D and Saitou's pretty cute himself haha. Mini-games wise, his is weaker than Harada's & Chikage's.

It would most likely be Harada's route next -I want to replay his again to give a clearer review. ^^ As for Hijikata's and Heisuke's, it would depend on my mood.
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bakafia_kawaiibakafia_kawaii on April 5th, 2011 11:28 am (UTC)

芷彤: Embarassedkara_sensei on April 5th, 2011 01:11 pm (UTC)
I remember reading the translation of this route before, but re-reading this again makes me fall in love with Saitou again. ♥
Saitou-san, why must you be so cute? XD
♥Angeline: FMA chibi Ed like aww so cute!angelbott on April 5th, 2011 03:20 pm (UTC)
...X33333 Sorry just speechless. xD;
starry ★ alien from vanilla planet: hakuouki ■ chikageyamachan01 on April 5th, 2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
That's the effect Saitou's charm have on people. :3
♥Angelineangelbott on April 5th, 2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah. xD
Rosalyrica: Hakuouki Saitou Smile~asagi on April 5th, 2011 07:51 pm (UTC)

I lol'd so hard at that. :'D

But d'awww Saitou~
Elf Lady: Saito_bslogelflady_2001 on April 6th, 2011 01:44 am (UTC)
Oh Saitou, you ridiculously cute thing you! ♥